Masterflex convinces with product quality

Results of the customer survey 2020

"At Masterflex we get high quality products and services of very good quality". We heard this or similar from our customers very often in the last customer survey. And this has obviously not changed. In the current survey, more than 90 percent of Masterflex customers said they were very satisfied with product quality. 

"We are very pleased that our customers are still so satisfied with us, but by no means do we want to rest on our laurels, we want to continue to improve in all areas," said Christian Horstkötter, Managing Director Sales Europe at the Gelsenkirchen-based hose manufacturer. The survey has once again shown that there is no such thing as a typical Masterflex customer: There are industrial customers, there are trading partners, there are buyers and maintenance engineers. There are customers who prefer direct contact, either in person or on the phone. Other customers have a more online affinity and use e-mail, the Internet or social media to stay in contact with Masterflex or to order products. 

The results of the survey help to further deepen customer understanding for individual customer groups. "At the same time, the answers also show us whether and to what extent we are succeeding in meeting our claim of always being close to our customers and their requirements," emphasizes Mirko Baldus, Sales Director DACH Industrial Solutions. "Seen in this light, we also interpret the results as confirmation that we are on course here. Despite different needs and requirements, obviously very different customer groups find a suitable approach to our products and solutions”.

For example, the explicit praise for the advisory skills of the sales staff makes it clear what distinguishes Masterflex from the customer's point of view in direct contact. And that very many customers perceive the sales contacts as reliable partners who are able to find the right fastening solutions. At the same time, however, buyers with an online affinity also seem to feel that they are in good hands with Masterflex. The current survey thus provides a clear indication that Masterflex offers competitive prices from the perspective of the particularly price-sensitive group of "onliners".

"As in 2016, the current customer survey has again provided many valuable results," said Horstkötter. "Once again, it has been shown that it pays to take a close look at the individual customer groups. We will continue to pursue this approach consistently in the future. After all, we want to remain the solution provider that is valued by its customers as a valuable partner in terms of innovation, service, price, product range and order processing".

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