Master-PUR Flat Food: Now as antistatic variant

From now on, the Master-PUR Flat Food hose is available exclusively as an antistatic version (marked with the suffix "A").

"We decided to do this because this hose was mostly used to transport powders or dusts," says Product Manager Torsten Gebhardt. The manufacturing process has also been adapted: The hose is now bonded (rather than welded, as before). In the process, a thermoplastic melt made of the same material as the film is applied to the ends to be welded - and the film is pressed. "You can think of it as bonding with a plastic," Gebhardt says. The advantage: The films are much more tear-resistant and the welds last longer.

The inner smoothness of the hose has also been improved. Like its predecessor, Master-PUR Flat Food A is made of polurethane (PUR).  However, a permanent antistatic agent is now added, which is once again significantly more stable over the long term than conventional antistatic agents. The new hose conforms to EU Regulation No. 10/2011 and is approved for food category E (dry food). In the current version, the transparency of the product is once again significantly improved.

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