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Meet us at the AIX in Hamburg!

Once a year, global technologies for aircraft cabins and on-board products are presented in Hamburg. The leading trade fair Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) opens its doors in the Hamburg exhibition halls from 28 to 30 May 2024. As a lightweight construction specialist within the Masterflex Group, Matzen & Timm will be presenting connection solutions for aviation at the AIX in Hall 6 / Stand F80.

Quieter and more energy-efficient flying

Researchers and aircraft manufacturers around the world are working to make flying more energy-efficient and quieter in the future. With our lightweight components, we have been helping aircraft manufacturers to fly more energy-efficiently for many years. One example of this is our sound insulation hoses.

Our hoses make flying quieter

In addition to the engines, the main sources of noise in the cabin are the landing gear, the high-lift systems, the airflow noise around the fuselage, but also the hydraulic system - and the air conditioning system.

Our noise insulation hoses are used at this point, where hot and cold air circulates. Thanks to their special mix of materials and special design, they significantly reduce the noise generated by the air conditioning system.

Fly more quietly with the ABS 1170 silencer hose

The new ABS 1170 silencer hose from Matzen & Timm significantly reduces the noise in an aircraft's air conditioning system: the noise level caused by ventilation can be reduced by up to 30 decibels by using the ABS 1170. This is made possible by the special design of the hose - and the use of special acoustic fleece. After successfully passing the qualification process, the hose can be used in the cabin or in the cockpit area. 

Can you hear the difference? At AIX, you can test the sound-absorbing properties of the two hoses ABS 1114 (Standard) and ABS 1170 (Premium) on our specially developed loudspeaker box!

Ventilation, drainage and high temperature hoses

Our products are characterized by their very low weight, high flexibility, high temperature resistance, outstanding manufacturing quality and needs-based design. At the AIX we show:

  • Waste water and drainage hoses for vacuum toilet systems
  • bellows and fittings for cooling ventilation and drainage of galley systems
  • insulated, uninsulated and spiral corrugated hoses, bellows and fittings for air distribution systems inside the aircraft cabin
  • high temperature resistant exhaust bellows for APU systems

Click here for our aviation flyer - with all products around the aircraft cabin.

Product picture: Matzen & Timm Hose for the aviation industry
Product picture: Matzen & Timm Hose for the aviation industry

Consistently high quality

Matzen & Timm is a long-standing and certified development partner of the aviation industry and supplies parts for all types of aircraft.

Every day, we meet the high demands placed on the material, performance, service life, safety and quality of every single component for aviation. In addition to large series orders, we develop, manufacture and qualify prototypes or pre-series according to customer-specific requirements, test special parts and manufacture hoses, moulded parts and bellows especially for smaller and medium series sizes.

We regularly participate successfully in certifications and audits and hold all relevant approvals and qualifications - including EN 9100:2016 (equivalent to AS 9100D and JISQ 9100:2016, including ISO 9001:2015). This certification complies with QSF-C of the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI). 

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