AMPIUS - The Future of Flow Technology

The hose of the future is intelligent: It communicates proactively with you, for example to say whether its correctly installed, if it needs servicing or even if it is close to wearing out and needs to be replaced.

The name AMPIUS is the embodiment of the future. It enables us to be the very first company on the market to be able to offer interconnected and smart options for our entire hose range worldwide.

The digitization of our products is, however, not simply confined to certain hoses or even specific markets, such as the medical, industrial or automotive industries, but can be custom-adjusted to all or any of our customers' needs.

Erosion warnings are only one of a vast range in our intelligent hose technology: overall, we strive to equip all types of hoses to have at least one, if not more, smart system functions which can be automatically read out and processed digitally for easier access. The nature of these individual functions will be as diverse as - and determined by - our customers' problems there are to solve.

Until now, digitization has been concentrated on more complex components, such as pumps and ventilation systems. Viewing the system as a whole, however, highlights very clearly how hoses and connection systems remain an integral part of the system when it comes to productivity, efficiency, quality and safety on all levels. After all, there is a huge demand in smart functions throughout all stages of production.

Coming soon: Our new AMPIUS series will combine products and product groups with intelligent features, which are developed especially for digital challenges - together with you, our customers.

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